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The Hawke Family

I have been able to trace the Hawke surname back over 300 years originating in St Germans Cornwall.

Lawrie and Tony

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Antony Stanley Hawke , know as Tony, was the youngest of three children. Born in 1924, he grew up at the family home in Landrake Cornwall. He attended Plymouth’s prestigious St Boniface College. During the war he served with the fleet air arm as a navigator and visited such places a Ceylon and Australia. When he returned home he started work and became a Catering Salesman for the local Electricity board, SWEB. During the early 50s he met he wife to be Jean and married in 1954. Tony and Jean settled down and started their family of four, living in Saltash and moving to Plymouth in the sixties.

Maud and stanley sat outside Spring bank in the early 60s

Tony’s parents Stanley Thomas and Maude Kathleen (nee Mulcahy) married in 1912. Stanley had Maude had 2 other children, Kathleen (1913-) and Lawrence, known as Lawrie, (1921-). The family lived at Spring bank House Landrake, built by Stanley’s father.

Stanley born in 1882, was brought up by his grand parents after the death of his mother when he was only four years old. It is said that he was tied to a tree to stop him running the short distance from his Grandmother’s house at Lantalic Cross to Landrake because his mother was very ill.

HMSTalbotStanley joined the navy in 1895 at the age of 13 although his age wasn’t at first noticed, later on when he had to sign for wages, his real age was disclosed and parental permission was sought by the Naval officers. During his naval career based at Devonport Plymouth he served on such ships as HMS Talbot and many others.

After beginning his first period of [official] continuous Service in 1900, he became an able sea man by 1902, and leading sea man by 1911 Later passing the exams to become a Petty Officer in 1913, a few months after his wedding in December 1912. To view his naval Service record please use this link (NB PDF format).

It is said that the Surname of Stanley Thomas was infact Hosking-Hawke but because of a family dispute Stanley decide to drop the Hosking surname. We do not even know where the surname comes from, as there is no mention of Hosking in the family at all.

Stanley’s parents Thomas Hosking-Hawke and Mary (nee Skinnard / Skinner) married in 1880 at Landrake Church. Mary died 6 years later and in 1897 Thomas remarried to Susan Ough Higman. Thomas was a Stone Mason and extended the Methodist Chapel and built the family home Springbank at Landrake around 1900. He must have also engraved Memorials as his "signature" = T H Hawke En Graved = appears on many Headstones in the surrounding area. His first wife Mary Skinnard (also read/recorded as Skinner) only lived to the age of 25, she was born in 1861 the daughter of Simon Skinnard and Mary (nee Tink) who came from Landulph Cornwall.

Thomas Hosking-Hawke’s Parents John Hawke and Elizabeth (nee Thomas) married on 20 January 1857, following a short 47 day pregnancy Thomas Hosking-Hawke was born on 8th march. John died at the age of 35 from T.B. or "Consumption" as it was commonly known. Elizabeth remarried in 1869 to John Pawley. They lived at Lantalic Cross where the records surgest they had a son called Richard. Elizabeth (died in 1894) and John (died 1902) are both buried in Landrake churchyard.

John’s parents James Hawke and Mary (neé ?Sweet?) had eight children (John being the sixth). James obviously didn’t do well in life although he was a Carpenter he died penniless at the age of 73 at the Union Workhouse, Torpoint

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